TRENDING: Selena Gomez is Making Moves

Last night, Selena Gomez graced our humble ears with her latest project. Selenators welcomed the latest collaboration with Kygo as applause across the nation created a dull roar in excitement. It has been an emotional roller coaster couple of days since the teaser released on Kygo’s Instagram account anticipating the official arrival of the track.

The techno-tropical beat is on it’s way to topping the charts and being the song of spring. The question is, what are the song’s intentions? Is this the latest breakup song, influenced by her past relationship with Justin Bieber? 2016 was full of rumors of potential reunion’s and rekindling relationships. But the Queen of Instagram has recently been spending quality time in Europe with The Weeknd.

Regardless, Selena G. has been busy as she has also recently joined the creative team at Coach. This week she was spotted at the Coach Fall 2017 Runway show next to the American Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.


Take a break from your day, and enjoy the soon to be most played song on your playlist.

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