The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The holidays are full of classic traditions, eggnog a little too spiked, mistletoe over the trestle, stocking hung from the chimney with care and as of the last few years– The Ugly Christmas Sweater. The time you spent countless hours finding your way through the musk induced racks of thrift shops like Goodwill or the Salvation Army is just a distant memory. Below is a list of some the most festive holiday sweaters. Whether your office is throwing a holiday party, your friends found another themed excuse to drink mulled wine, or just feeling the holiday season, an ugly sweater is a must-have this season. Order these top sweaters just in time for National Christmas Sweater day on December 21st.

Blizzard Bay Men’s Santa Gain’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Carrying all of those presents has given Santa some major #GAINZ this year.

$29.99 at

33 Degree Men’s Ugly Christmas Santa Beverage Holder Sweater

33 Degrees Men's Ugly Christmas Santa Beverage Holder Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater - Red - image 1 of 1
Forget the milk and cookies, Santa prefers a whiskey shot and domestic beer.

$29.99 at

Sexy and I Snow It

Even when it’s cold your still hot.

Now $30.00 at

Boohoo Santa and elf two person Holidays Sweater

Taking couples costumes to another level and holiday.

$44.00 on

Brave Soul Tall Holidays Santa Sweater

Channel your inner Santa or your favorite drunk uncle with this look.

$38.00 on

Romantic Santa Light-Up Sweater

Remember, Santa is allowed to be naughty every so often too.

$24.99 on

Men’s Garland Christmas Sweater

The sweater for the Tree Hugger in all of us.

Now $27.95 at

Star Wars The Dark Side Christmas Sweater

Men's Star Wars Dark Side Ugly Christmas Sweater
May the Christmas Force be with you all year long.

Now $29.99 at

Santa Christmas Sweater

Image of Ugly Christmas Sweater Santa Christmas Sweater
Santa is the icon of the Dad Bod. Seasonal camouflage for the second helping of cookies.

Now $13.38 at

33 Degrees The Gift of Tacos Sweater

33 Degrees Men's Ugly Christmas The Gift of Tacos Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater - Green - image 1 of 1
Let’s be honest, the only gift worth receiving this year is wrapped in a tortilla shell

Now $39.99 at

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