Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The gift guide to help find the perfect thing for the hardest person on your list.

The holidays are stressful with decorations, friends, family gatherings and not to mention, gifting. Let’s face it finding gifts is by far the toughest variable to solve in the holiday season equation. Below is a list of surefire gifts that are bound to make any guy on your list show that mega-watt smile. 

1.  Jabra Elite Active 65t 

For the active guy that seems to spend a fairly decent amount of time in the gym or on the road for a long run. These earbuds can also find their way out of his workout routine for every day use, able to be connected to Alexa or Siri these are truly versatile and the perfect gift for the Apple or Android obsessed. A 2-year warranty against sweat and dust will give him the comfort in knowing he can run longer and train harder without worry. Charging case allows for up-to 15 hours of power, so he can stay connected from start to end. 

2. Essenza Mini Intense

It is definitely not true that all coffee tastes the same. Whether he is a coffee connoisseur or can’t tell the difference between half-n-half and whole milk, this is the gift that gives all year round. The Essenza Mini Intense machine will easily find a place in event he smallest post grad apartments. Able to provide highly potent caffeinated espresso will perk up any snooze button enthusiast. Set up an automatic Amazon subscription for the capsules, and he will never have to worry about running out and paying an absurd amount for a morning pick-me-up again. Nespresso also has a recycling program that helps reduce waste to ease the concern of the modern environmentally conscious man. 

3. Mophie Case

Does scrolling through his fantasy football app or Pokemon Go leave him with a 10% battery at 2 p.m? A mophie case provides top notch protection along with a press of a button can provide up to 60% additional battery life. Available for all iPhone6 through Xs Max and popular Android models. A true lifesaver for the guy on the go that takes advantage of his unlimited data plan. 

4. Quip toothbrush

 As kid, you loathed receiving a toothbrush in your stocking or under the tree. As adults, there is nothing more practical than receiving an item that you use everyday. The Quip Electric Brush Kit is the most sought after dental care item this season. The simple design plays well for any guy, in an assortment of color options can ease the pressure of finding the right color for him. Although you can never go wrong with a slick Posh Metal or All-Black Metal design. 

5. Saxx Underwear

If the guy is still buying a 5 pack of boxer briefs from the department store, than it is time to introduce to him the ground breaking comfort of Saxx Underwear. The patented ballpark pouch and anti-roll waistband will provide maximum comfort that will keep him focused and alert all day. Available in an assortment of fits from brief, trunks, boxer briefs, loose boxers and tights will leave no struggle to find the right pair for the guys on your list.

6. Amazon Echo Spot

Make your guy’s apartment a smart home with the addition of the Amazon Echo Spot. With video call abilities, he can stay in direct contact with his loved ones and whether he is a three hour flight away, he will feel like he is back home in his living room. The Echo Spot connects to Alexa, so he can sync his Amazon Firestick TV, and request without the remote, which always seems to go missing. The Echo Spot is an alarm clock, weather report, to-do list, and can play his Spotify playlist. The ultimate gifting solution for the guy that has everything. 

7. Timex Watch

Weekender Chronograph 40mm 2-piece Leather Strap Watch Silver-Tone/Brown/Blue large

In a world that has technology evolving faster than ever, bring him back to earth with the classic gift of time. This Timex watch with a Navy face and rich brown leather band can give him the satisfaction of being able to pair this timepiece with any outfit in his wardrobe. He will be able to take this from his 8 a.m. board meeting to happy hour at the local dive bar without feeling over or under dressed. Timex provides interchangeable bands for more formals occasions that give him truly unlimited options. 

8. Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes can double as a gag gift, or the perfect white elephant present, but these flushable wipes will be the one item he will never leave the house without. There is nothing worse than when you are on the go and have to use a public restroom only to find the one ply toilet paper in the stall (Let’s face it, you never really feel clean after anyways). Dude Wipes remove this ultimately annoying situation in its entirety (and quite frankly disgusting experience). The On-the-go individually wrapped wipes are TSA approved, and are available in Crib Edition, a soon-to-be new staple in his bathroom.

9. Primate Posture Brace

Let’s face it, not all of us are trained dancers, or royalty. We slouch, and slouching has been said to be the new smoking. The Primate Posture Brace is the gift that needs to be in every man’s stocking this season. If your guy is taller you might notice that he tends to hunch over more than your other friends. As someone who spends half of their day crouching down to talk to other, I can tell you, this brace has made a giant impact on my life. If your friend spends the majority of his day at a computer, than put this immediately into the shopping cart. The brace is practically incognito under even a T-shirt, allowing him to wear whatever he wants while improving his posture. Standing taller will bring confidence and over all a more positive outlook for your friend. It’s the gift that he never knew he needed, but will thank you for months to come. 

10. ConAir Home Upright Fabric Steamer

There is nothing that takes away the attractiveness in a guy than how unkept his clothes look. if you notice your guy friend is always arriving to events in a too-wrinkled shirt or even worse, a suit? It is definitely best to gift him a good fabric steamer. Easy to use, the ConAir Home Upright Fabric Steamer will allow him to release those eyesore wrinkles, and give him a crisp, clean well put-together look any day of the week. 

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