The 5 Fashion Podcasts to Add to Your Daily Commute

Living in Brooklyn, I have come accustomed to my 45 minute to an hour commute. I like to believe it is a true 45 minutes when the world is giving me a thumbs up, but this is New York, and the MTA loves to mess with my positive outlook early in the morning. I quickly noticed that people keep themselves occupied while on their morning “adventure” to and from their homes. Some people take this time to better themselves by learning another language on Duolingo or reading the latest book that was turned into a Netflix series. I on the other hand have found it challenging to keep my restless mind occupied. I tried reading books, but holding one and trying to get through a few pages while on a train that is packed (and smells) like a can of sardines, does not mix well. Music, can only keep me occupied for so long and I tend to listen to music that either gets me amped for my morning / evening run, so that does not fit. After these trials and tribulations I have found that listening to podcasts is the bridge between these two forms of entertainment that can keep my mind off of the fact that there is a man urinating in a 7-Eleven Big Gulp or that the woman who sat across from me decided to eat a hearty egg salad sandwich. So after scrolling through the podcast section on the app, I discovered a handful of programs that have me actually looking forward to stepping on the G train, despite the wide range of characters that I will inevitably face.

1. Pop Fashion

In Pop Fashion, journalists, Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan, bring insightful and thought provoking current events that always center around the world of fashion. You’ll binge this series after listening to the chemistry that only comes from being friends for as long as they have. My favorite segment is “Fashion Crimes,” and it is indeed my favorite subject. You can send them questions, so you will finally get the answers to the things you want to know about.

2. The Business Of Fashion Podcast

The Business of Fashion, is seen as the bible for the everyday fashion professional. While this podcast does focus on the hard hitting facts about the retail industry. There is a wide range of interviews with professionals across different platforms. Listeners get direct information from trailblazers like Diane von Fürstenberg, David Blasberg, Adut Akech and Michèle Lamy. A must-listen-to for anyone interested in getting a direct source to the fashion industry.

3. Dressed: The History of Fashion

As someone who often fell asleep during fashion history, this one took me by surprise. April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary bring the past to life. They discuss more than pretty clothing and get into the economical and psychological aspect of the history of dress. I found myself binging episodes on the story of tuxedos and stoutwear.

4. Corporate Lunch

A recent addition that quickly became a top favorite. Hosted by Noah Johnson and produced by Samuel Hine and Rachel Tashjian talk shop about the latest in fashion. I enjoy the menswear focus, a rare find in this podcast library saturated in womenswear. The best is the, “13 Vibes,” segment as they close out the show. I find myself opening tabs on my phone looking up the items, or brands they mention. Great podcast to listen to when looking to bring conversation starters to dinner.

5. Fashion Unzipped

A podcast produced by the Telegraph, a London based publication, gets into the current events centered around fashion. I enjoy the different perspective from the hosts and get a more worldwide view on current events. Senior Fashion Editor, Charlie Gowans-Eglington recently interviewed Eva Chen on her work as head of fashion brand partnerships at Instagram.

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